Hello, I’m Shannon!

I’m an artist and designer who is passionate about these different and similar disciplines on their own as well as in finding the intersection between the two. I also really, really love to learn. In my design work, I'm especially interested in research and concept development, experimenting with materials and methods of image making, and combining modern technology with handmade techniques. In my art, I explore themes of nostalgia, memory, and empathy, often through portraiture and with a focus on drawing, photography, and sound.

You can currently find me designing children’s books at National Geographic. I’m a recent graduate of American University in DC, where I earned my BA in Graphic Design (with a specialization in print media) and Studio Art. You can check out my resume here.

If you have any questions/are on the hunt for a designer (or just want to talk about your favorite typefaces), please feel free to reach out to me at shannon.pallatta@gmail.com or through the message form below.


Take a peek at what I’m up to these days: @shannonpallatta